Emcee Dizzle Dizz drops some serious Bars during the SFC flash cypher at A3C.

Over this past holiday weekend, one of Atlanta's most promising and talented young emcees passed away, S.H.Y. Nasa NY. Some of us at Soul Food Cypher only had the pleasure of knowing him for a short while, but to all of us he left a lasting mark of friendship, love & endless energy & passion for the love of emceeing. Not only was he as skilled on the mic & in the cypher, but SHY lit up the ones around him, no matter where with his smile, enthusiasm, and love for life. SHY was a king amongst kings, a brother, friend, son, and so much more to all you had the chance to meet him across his path. We pray for his family, friends and loved ones at this moment and forever remember him in our cyphers, our hearts, and our lives. Thank you, S.H.Y.

- Soul Food Cypher
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