Tré Coleman’s first memories with music date back to listening to his favorite songs on the radio, in the closet after he was supposed to be asleep as a 4-year old living in California. His father, who grew up in South Carolina, drove around listening to Tupac, B.I.G, & Jay-Z, just a few of the artists who prompted Tré to dig deeper into hip-hop culture. Though it wasn’t until Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor that he started experimenting with his own expression through poetry and writing at 15. He developed an appreciation for lyric-driven storytelling after being introduced to artists like Phonte, Nas, Black Star, and Big L. Despite being raised in the South, Tré never really felt connected to the southern culture because of these influences. He recently began making music himself, as he feels there aren't enough respected emcees on the mainstream level and hopes to bring a bit of balance to the city’s music landscape in the coming years.

Tré’s first experience with freestyling and performing in front of others came after visiting Soul Food Cypher several times before actually stepping in and rapping himself. The SFC family quickly embraced him and made him feel welcome in an environment where emcees come to sharpen their craft, as well as share knowledge with those in their communities, while being respectful to other participants and spectators. As one of the newer members, he hopes to continue growing as an artist and mentor, as well as assist the brand and SFC family continue to spread to areas outside of Atlanta that could benefit from the outlet as much as he has.