Tiye Cochran strives to be a diverse recording artist. With influences ranging from Queen to Kanye West, her sound is as unique as her perspective. Tiye has combined her talents to create an innovative mixture of hip-hop, blues and soul. Born in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY, she moved to Atlanta at the age of 5, the eldest child of a single parent household. Her mother and grandmother worked tirelessly to instill the values of creativity, pride, and free thought at an early age. At 11, she taught herself guitar and began classical training on the violin when introduced to the orchestra. As her involvement in the arts grew she began to utilize her gift for creative writing to pursue songwriting. Singer/songwriters like Lauryn Hill and Alanis Morissette inspired and empowered her to think of herself as more than a girl. 

As hip-hop culture made its way into mainstream music, she became less interested in her instruments and more fascinated with the art of hip-hop. Tiyewas fascinated with the lyrical genius of Biggie, JayZ, and Eminem and soon found herself practicing Free-styling constantly. After surviving a near fatal car accident and sustaining extreme facial trauma - a shattered wrist, broken femur, collarbone, shoulder, cracked ribs, and 1000 stitches to her face - she began to view her music as a realm in which to truly express her point of view and life experiences. With a lyricist’s flair to cut across genres and a guitarist’s dexterity to captivate audiences Tiye has the keys to open the doors of division and unite audiences. 

She is currently finishing her BAF Media Production, concentration in Sound Design and plans to use her education to further her career and solidify her presence as an artistic force to be reckoned with.