Ro the Nerd was born in Gary, Indiana and moved to College Park, Georgia at age five. A true Down South Georgia boy (DSGB), he has since left Georgia for only two reasons: family reunions and war. Ro began rapping in 1995 and has been freestyling since he played the numbers game on a three-way phone call (rhyming on each third line). Rap battling was initially a motivation, but he quickly dropped the activity after getting to the finals in his first (and last) battle and has been mentoring freestylers in their craft ever since. In 2008, the Undergrads was born, and Ro and his college rap group toured several universities and opened for the Eastside Boyz and Travis Porter. 
This emcee acquires his freestyling content from two years of war in two different war zones and his memories of artillery and bombs. He had always aspired to the day that his older brother, who was murdered in Gary, would listen to Ro’s music while riding around in his car. When freestyling, this emcee strives to deliver his comedic side while also portraying his range of emotions, and he seeks to keep in tune with his emotions in order to avoid self-censorship of his flow. With the continuity underpinning his rhymes, Ro the Nerd’s freestyles will ride the beat from track to track until the power goes out. His unique flow always brings an invaluable contribution to the cypher.