Numbaz Heru was born in Harlem NY Raised in Bronx and Brooklyn New York. He was influenced by Hip-hop at an early age of 4 to breakdance at a block party Located in 144th street between Amsterdam and St. Nickolas Ave. Ever since then Numbaz was living in the Hip-Hop spotlight he was also introduced to Rock and Soul growing up. Numbaz was also a great Graffiti artist from elementary school and junior high that is when he started writing rhymes. In the Bronx he was getting into trouble and hanging with the wrong crowd forced his mother to move to South Carolina where he met his father for the first time just to bury him a month later. That fueled him to write more but with emotion, with his anger and depression; the art of rhyme was the only outlet to express how he is feeling. Years went by and he joined the military strait out of high school to see the world and have more to talk about in his rhymes he wanted to perfect the art of storytelling and he believed that if he is in a different environment and study people and locations his message will connect to people around the world .

Numbaz goal is to influence young people to express themselves and connect to each other. Everybody has a story to tell and the more we know about one another, we will see how connected we are. Numbaz study all aspects and lessons in Hip-Hop but he prefer writing. He symbolizes the R.A.W society, Built in Georgetown South Carolina where he strengthen his craft and now he also symbolize SFC where he will perfect his craft. He believes everybody has demons and the only way to conquer them is to face them head on and triumph. Numbaz style of rhyming is hardcore comedic storytelling he tends to mock but not intentionally, also battle rhyming other hip-hop warriors is another pastime.