Born on Long Island, NY, Luke Legacy moved to Atlanta in his childhood and has returned to New York frequently in his adult life. Luke Legacy’s artistic penchant was apparent from an early age, experimenting with freestyle poetry before being introduced to freestyle rapping by his older brother and cousin at age 14. When he is not freestyling, Luke Legacy is working at an afterschool/summer program in which he incorporates the roots and method of hip-hop in the classroom. He maintains the Nightfly phone app, which serves as a directory for social events in Atlanta. He also builds and rides bikes and plays golf to clear his mind.

With his clear enunciation and captivating voice, Luke Legacy delivers a photo reel through his freestyles, sometimes painting pictures with a smile, sometimes with a frown. For Luke Legacy, hip-hop delivers peace of mind, at times via the harnessing of negative energy. Hip-hop, he believes, should foster the positive energy with which it started, while recognizing that its consumers must often look beyond a melodramatic beat or dark voice to appreciate everything that hip-hop has to offer. Soul Food Cypher keeps Luke Legacy’s rhyming skills sharp and his mind focused. This small community brings a consistency to his life, in addition to bringing out his best emcee. Over the past year, he has been working with fellow SFC Member Neion Deion on a mixtape, which was released March of 2013.