Raised in Southwest Atlanta, Neion Deion began freestyling around the age of sixteen. By age seventeen, he was constantly writing verses, heavily freestyling, and recording videos of his freestyles on instrumental beats. In addition to his passion for recording, he enjoys traveling, long drives on the open road, basketball, and the company of friends. As hip-hop serves as a music culture with which he can identify, he fell in love with the art form and believes that hip-hop has played the role of growth in his life. For Neion Deion, hip-hop gives him a voice to make his own contribution to the different perspectives on life and society.

With his gritty approach and harsh relevance, Neion Deion portrays rawness in his freestyles, incorporating the trials and tribulations of life into his lyrics. His freestyles often deliver a collage of short stories. For this emcee, the SFC cypher represents a connection with the roots of hip-hop in a new era and is an event where emcees are able to partake of a challenging display of lyrical talent, to collaborate, and to learn from one another. Over the past year, he has been working with fellow SFC Member Luke Legacy on a mixtape, which was released March 2013.