Few things make Mike Adams feel more alive than rapping.

Mike considers himself an unlikely emcee growing up in the suburbs of Fredericksburg, Virginia. He grew up around very little to no hip hop culture, but became enamored with hip hop music at the age of 7 when flipping through channels he stumbled upon Eminem rapping at the MTV Music Awards. Mike took no interest in poetry or writing in school until he received an assignment to write a rap in his 7th grade literature class. Instantly he fell in love with songwriting and discovered his passion for rapping. His early songs consisted predominantly of faith based themes, but in high school he began to open up about internal struggles, and found that rapping about his struggles did not conflict with his faith, but actually amplified it.

During college, Mike began to experience what many call “writer’s block” (which he now believes is often just plain laziness and perfectionism). With no new written material, he began freestyling at various events and shows with dj’s and live bands. The struggle to write had at first appeared to be a curse but turned out to be a blessing as he was forced to develop in the craft of freestyling.

After moving to Atlanta in 2016, Mike discovered Soul Food Cypher and instantly found the hip hop home he’d always longed for.

Mike now sees his freestyling as a spiritual practice and a form of prayer, seeking to let go and let God speak through him to touch the lives of those around him. He brings a raw passion and always seeks to bring his full authentic self to the cypher. Mike follows the sound of words in his flow to see how they connect and constantly packs in as many syllables, alliteration and internal rhyme as possible. Ultimately Mike is a storyteller that draws from his personal experience with God and people with tones ranging from joyful, sorrowful, self-revealing and at times humorous. Whether it’s 1 person or 1000, Mike sees every individual as incredibly valuable and seeks to use rap as a way to connect with and uplift the community around him.