Mark Montgomery "Markmont." is the Creative Director for Soul Food Cypher. Markmont. has been a professional designer for the past 10 years in the Atlanta area. Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, Markmont. use to have freestyle rap sessions with Acosta and a few other friends a few years prior to founding SFC with the rest of the team. When Acosta suggested bringing the sessions to the public, it seemed like a great idea; and sounded like a good way to bring the freestyle rap culture of Atlanta to the forefront. The goal from the start that remains was to 'refix' so to speak, the view into the craft of freestyle rap while changing the negative perceptions of rap and hip-hop culture alike. With the community offerings the brand offers, it's always been a nice blend of killing two birds with one stone. 1) Helping our community and changing the negative perceptions of rap by 2) showing the creativity and skill the emcees outside of the mainstream harness; help the community and solidify the craft.

In keeping with the original vision of the brand, Markmont. focused on making sure to allow the branding of SFC to sit in the background just enough to allow the emcees shine and the community involvement be seen, while still giving an interesting aesthetic to the branding elements.