Born in Bittburg, Germany, Kingsy was the child of an active military family, and traveled to many locations in the world as a youth. Self-taught and fluent in Spanish and French, the power of understanding not only language but cultural nuance is evident in his approach to freestyle lyricism. He is also self-taught on jimbe, keyboard and guitar. Heavily influenced by Manu Chao, Fela Kuti and Vyzb Kartel, the songwriter composes for a wide palette of genres, from French Folk, to Samba, to Reggae. Involved in the coordination of more than 80 events of diverse musical themes, he has helped plan sold-out concerts for diverse themes and people; Caribbean Carnival, Kendrick Lamar, Elle Varner and Young Jeezy among them. 
Deriving his eclectic musical influences from UK rap, Latin dance music, reggae, reggaeton, and Southern rap, he delivers a unique sound in the cypher. Kingsy, who creates verse in both English and Spanish, enhances his vocal versatility by exploring the varied sounds and rhythms of languages. 
As a young black man, Kingsy uses his name to represent a reversal of the direction for which his people were once believed to be destined. As such, his crown is also the hat of a rebel. In the cypher, one may find him depicting the present status of society or conveying where he desires to guide that imperfect society. Kingsy embraces the cypher as a special form of dialogue – one that fosters creative inspiration in a way that is not always produced by everyday conversation. For Kingsy, SFC is a gathering place for the world’s greatest underground intellectuals to hone the craft of freestyle, while captivating the audience by transforming oxygen and brain activity into vocalized poetry.
Kingsy is finishing his studies in Journalism at Georgia State University, and is also an a proficient dancer in Capoeira. His future plans include traveling and settling in the Caribbean. Kingsy has been a member since April 2013.