Born in 1995 in Decatur, GA, J Sound has dreamed of making music since listening to his dad’s old school records in his earliest years. Initially unable to finance his passion for playing instruments, J Sound eventually picked up the cello and received a scholarship to play the instrument in the Atlanta Symphony for the summer of 2012. After moving into the city, he began listening to rap and started writing lyrics in third grade. Soon, he decided to enter freestyles and has since made freestyling an integral part of his life. 

Despite his young age, this emcee reveals a unique sound at almost every cypher. In his striving to be a positive artist, he realized that rap battles are a far cry from the nurturing environment of the cypher. Warning that one must not judge a book by its cover, he often freestyles about something that seems negative but turns out to be positive at closer look. Expect his rhymes to be fresh, as he can be found rapping about the news. J Sound hopes to change the perception of the youth from what is depicted in the media. Even as the youngest member of SFC, J Sound feels welcomed to contribute in the cypher, and SFC certainly welcome his contributions.