Raised in College Park, Georgia, JR began writing poetry and R&B songs in the first decade of his life; at age eight, he would do freestyle rap in his room. Fascinated early by hip-hop, JR soon turned to the genre as a form of expression, communication, and confession. Other than his musical affinities, he plays sports, wrestles, and bartends.

For JR, hip-hop is a form of therapy; true hip-hop affects one’s feelings or emotions, as it is derived from real-life situations. JR seeks to bring something you can feel back to hip-hop. In the cypher, JR strives to hear something new in every beat to further his creativity. His freestyles often offer stories about actual events. For this emcee, SFC offers brotherhood with many talented individuals, a thoroughly artistic environment in which he had never previously taken part. He believes that the true expression of each individual, as occurs in the cypher, never fails to be a surprising experience. In the absence of rap battling, the cypher provides something more meaningful than the rap itself.