Soul Food Cypher's Big Announcement

4 years strong, over 75 events, performances and workshops. Even with that, we're only beginning to scratch the surface. Major shoutout goes to all those who have supported SFC in some shape or form whether small or large. We couldn't have gotten this far without all the emcees bringing their skills, guest coming to watch and volunteers helping in various ways.

The goals of SFC are very extensive and real to us. So we're always fine tuning what we do to make sure we're appropriately working towards success. When you have the community and culture as priority 1 and 2, then it makes all of your actions carry a lot more weight. We willingly take on the weight of our goals as our own personal responsibilities. With that in mind, we've got some major news.

We're excited to finally merge our two cypher events with our sub-brand One Hundred into one monthly event at Space2 in O4W to bring you more top-quality beats and freestyle lyrics you've come to know and love in 2015-16. This sunday the 27th will mark just the beginning of our big moves for 2016.