Evan Luza who? Oh, yeah, Elu. Born and raised in Atlanta, hip hop has been a part of his life ever since he can remember. Influential artists like Outkast , Ludacris and T.I. were initial focus points of captivation, and later on other provocative artists such as MF Doom, Black Thought, Asher Roth and Earl Sweatshirt were on his radar. Freestyling has always been a means of expression, relief and collaboration for Elu. His efforts are to keep the cypher game fresh and different, as It’s always evolving and captivating.

Although freestyling is a large passion, graphic design is where his main enthusiasm lies. Both forms of artistic expression fuel each other he says, words paint pictures and pictures paint words. He’s currently finishing a Graphic Design degree at Georgia State University, wrapping up his 2nd internship at Adult Swim. E Lu's graphic work can be seen at www.elugfx.com