Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, A Man of Truth’s (AMoT) tenacious spirit for music and poetry began to flourish in his 9th grade literature class where his teacher had the students keep a poetry notebook throughout the year. Around the same time, he would record freestyle raps with cousins in his aunt’s basement. Influenced by his father’s record collection of Funk, Soul, R&B, and Jazz, AMoT started writing poetry to music and transitioned into hip hop in his early 20s; His style of emceeing is derived from the likes of Andre 3000 (his favorite), Black Thought, and 4Ize. A combination of lyricism and a soul shaking instrumental, in AMoT’s mind, is a recipe for greatness.
AMoT's mindset in life is derived from the art of freestyle; A principle in freestyle is you’re going to make mistakes, just keep going, and you will catch your bearings. In the cypher, AMoT’s words emerge from his perspective of life and it’s positive progressions. Being in the cypher for AMoT is like having a spiritual dialogue in the maximal method with everyone. For AMoT, SFC is a congregation of cerebral tantalizing individuals who guide your psyche on a voyage of space and time at least once a month.
AMoT is also an Atlanta-based Photographer who’s looking to travel around the world while capturing beautiful moments in time and sharing even more wonderful stories. He also mentors youth with the Big Brother Big Sisters and advocate for health eating.