Mission Statement

Soul Food Cypher utilizes the power of speech to transform the lives of individuals and their communities. We are an organization that showcases the positive aspects of rap through our cypher events, membership program, and community outreach. Our aim is to provide Atlanta’s lyricist (rappers) community with a safe and nurturing environment where their voice and artistry can grow. In addition, we look to solidify the art of freestyling as a genuine aesthetic to the wider artistic community and carry this rich tradition to the next generation.

The Cypher

The cypher is a community - a place where lyricist, under the guidance of meter and rhyme, share stories, exchange knowledge and speak freely. Soul Food Cypher proudly celebrates and facilitates cypher culture, and emcees are challenged and rewarded for their quick-wittedness in lyrics, depth in content, and personality in presentation.

To add to the spirit of camaraderie and display of skill, cyphers consist of a series of exercises which test an emcee’s ability of teamwork, mental agility, and creativity. These segments not only add to the fun and richness of the experience, they often pair emcees together in explosive combinations, and highlight the adeptness of participants. Writing assignments also make up a big part of the cyphers, which challenge lyricists' writing techniques and encourage exploring content outside of their comfort zone to present to their audiences.

Did we mention it was free? In the spirit of helping others, and working collectively towards the common good, Soul Food Cypher is a service that is provided to the community. It is our purpose to transform communities and the youth using the enabling force of the cypher as a catalyst.

The Membership Program

Soul Food Cypher is more than an event. It is a family that operates inside the spheres of respect, responsibility and knowledge. It is because of our commitment to family, and our willingness to give and build that we have created a membership program. Membership within SFC is a process of mindful selection, as we not only seek skilled lyricists, but also future leaders and mentors. Unlike a roster, being a member means being part of a family that eats together, meets together, and critiques together.

Members also gain knowledge, experience, and eventually become experts in the fields of multimedia, business operation and event coordination. In providing members with such training and responsibilities, we prepare and supply them with the proper tools and skills to carry along in their future careers. All members are ambassadors of SFC, charged with the duty of passing on our message of respect, responsibility and knowledge to their local communities. As the individual grows, so does the SFC family, and ultimately the community as a whole.

Community Outreach

As mentioned, Soul Food Cypher understands the importance of the individuals' role in transforming their community. In recent years, we have noticed a growing gap in education, local activities, and after school programs for inner-city and at-risk youth in Atlanta. One of our aims is to diminish this gap and lack of attention to the youth's needs by current community program.  SFC offers workshops which can be designed to fit your community-based programs, classroom lesson plan or corporate retreat goals.  Contact us today for rates and other services.

Membership in SFC reaches beyond the bi-weekly cyphers and our members are given opportunities for a hands-on approach as mentors working with at-risk youth in their own neighborhoods. Members are able to directly have an impact serving as positive role models to the youth at Whiteford Community Center, guiding teens in their fields of interests including history, literature, and music production.

Our objective is to supply such necessary guidance, care and assistance in schools, youth detention centers, and community centers in and around Atlanta with our outreach program.